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The Spencer family originates from a cow ‘Lawwal Paragon Spencer’ who leaves a stamp in the breeding at Lawwal. A silky black robust cow with a styley trademark walk that caught your eye on every occasion. Spencer was a daughter of Sudesse Paragon who was born in Canada in 1993.

Spencer is the influential cow behind the Lawwal herd. Spencer exceeded in type being the Champion calf at the Waikato A & P show but she also accomplished top producing milking records at Lawwal.

She has one Dundee daughter in the herd today, and there are many descendants from the Dundee Spencer cow including a Lavanguard, Supersire, Planet and well as producing some herd bulls for Lawwal. Pictured below is Lawwal Planet Spencer VG 88 who produced 10,500+ litres as a two-year-old.


 Lawwal Planet Spencer VG 88

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